Poltergeist- Ghost peppers in an Apple cider base with a slight hint of Agave-    very hot.   10.00

Scorpion Sting- Red Scorpion Peppers and 

‚ÄčRaspberry Agave-  very hot.  10.00

King Scorpion Hot Sauce

Shipping 1-2 bottles 7.00 USPS 2 Day

Shipping  3 or more  13.00 USPS 2 Day

Reaper Madness- Carolina Reapers and citrus in an Apple Cider vinegar base-     very hot.  10.00

Yellow Moruga Scorpion- Yellow Moruga peppers - White and Raspberry Balsamic vinegar-  very hot.   10.00

Frost Burn- White Habanero peppers in a White Balsamic base with Pear vinegar- medium heat.     10.00

Black Scorpion- Black Habanero Peppers with Black and Cherry Cordial Vinegars-  

medium heat    10.00